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Gunner adopted as Peanut. Is a Circle K pup mom is Totally Feral Maria and her crew pulled the pups out of a makeshift shelter.
I came upon 2 hands and Maria at an event in wallington nj and it was love at first site. He truly is a great dog. Perfect addition to our family




Zora was found by Maria in a 10x10 kennel outside with no food and water after her previous owners had moved away and left her there. We got Zora when she was just 5 months old and she was absolutely terrified of everything. Since adopting her in October, we have done a lot of exposure therapy with her and she is not as afraid of things anymore. She is so energetic, dramatic, and very protective of her “big” brother, Rocky. Zora is almost a completely different dog now and has gained so much confidence. She loves going on walks, going for car rides, and playing with her brother outside. Zora completes our family. She is everything we could’ve ever hoped for and so much more



Our sweet little girl from 2 Hands Saving 4 Paws.
We followed Lily’s story on the Two Hands Saving Four Paws website. It was tragic, and although she was in Georgia, our hearts were right there with her. She and her mother were shot repeatedly. Lily had pellets embedded in her ears and body. The shot to her leg was so severe, she eventually lost her log, while still living on the streets. Lily’s mother was wounded severely, and she died lying right next to her daughter.
We took Lily in on December 9th. She joined Jaclyn, another rescue from Two Hands who we adopted the previous year, and our little 14 year old Yorkie named Jello. The pups connected from day one, and when Jaclyn cuddles Lily, it’s like she is reassuring her that even though they both came from hardship, they have a loving home now.
Lily was terrified of everything and everyone except Jello and Jaclyn. She needed so much love, and panicked when we pet her. She loved the attention, yet was so traumatized that she would pant and shake. She is slowly adapting to other people, and is making friends with other dogs. She has grown so much and truly is a love. She still has a ways to go but she has an amazing spirit to live and love. The physical and emotional strength she meets every day with, is truly inspiring. And even though she only has three legs, you’d have a hard time convincing her of that!



This is Maisie fka Martha May, the link is actually her intake story. Since the day we got her she’s had some anxiety which still hasn’t gone away, she hates loud noises and she gets super nervous around people so she just barks nonstop. We’ve been trying to work on it with her but especially right now with the virus it’s been hard since we aren’t seeing people. She’s super super smart even when she’s being a doofus and her bond with my little brother is such a beautiful special bond they’re the absolute best of friends since she first got here, she’ll wrestle with him and chase him around but she’s always been so so gentle with him like she knows he’s little. I lost my dog in 2014 and he was my best friend and since then I haven’t been ready to have another dog of my own but having her has helped me get to the point of being ready to have that bond again. One of her favorite things to do is chase bubbles with Noah, she goes nuts as soon as she sees them



This is Lillie, my family’s “foster failure” pup! We were fostering her for Maria about 4 years ago and had trouble finding her a forever home. After over a month of having her at our house and caring for her like she was our own, we realized at that point there was no way we could ever give her up! She’s the sweetest, most loving dog ever and we couldn’t imagine life without her! We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family


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