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Behind the Scenes

Based in Thomson Georgia, McDuffie County, founded and operated by our director, Maria Salvaggio.

We are a volunteer based rescue that saves dogs and cats from surrounding kill shelters to give them a second chance at life. We save approx. over 1000 animals a year.

We have saved over 7500 lives in the past 7 years.

Our rescue was founded in 2015. We are licensed by the state of Georgia Department of Agriculture who oversees our operation. We have recently added a large quarantine building that is complete with climate control, non porus materials from floor to ceiling. This allows all possible communicable diseases to be contained. Our quarantine facility is equip with stainless steel units while our rescues are houses for a minimum of 14-21 days. During this time period all rescues are seen by our licensed veterinarian who will make a farm call to examine the health of each new intake from the shelters. Each rescue is treated individually, although we take in litters of unwanted puppies. 

Our main rescue facility is a large farm that allows a kennel free environment for all our furry friends.

We do not adopt in state- instead, we transport to several New England State in which we are licensed. These states include New Jersey, Conneticut and Rhode Island. Our rescues receive a health certificate to travel from Georgia to state of final destination. 

we host monthly for adoption events in New Jersey at Pet Supplies Plus in Wallington. All our animals are temperament tested, vaccinated appropriately, and given a certificate of health to leave the state of GA.

We transport every rescue ourselves in our new 2018 Freightliner, Mercedes Benz which is climate controlled. All of our interior kennels are top quality which allows us to complete our transport with NO PAWS ON THE GROUND, for the safety of the rescues. They do not leave our transport van during our 16 hour trip to ensure no rescue picks up any illness along the way. 

Our rescues are with us from the moment they are saved until the moment we hand them to their new adopters/family. 

*We can not guarantee the health, behavior or temperament of the animals. These are rescued animals and not from any breeders stock.* 

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